"Create a path with your mind and cement it with your thoughts and actions."

When you have a long term goal in mind, whether it is to lose weight or start your own business, visualization is key. The day that you conceive the plan, really walk it through from the beginning to the end. Do your best to be specific. It doesn’t matter if the actual path differs from the one in your head that day. See yourself begin. Perceive any roadblocks and move through them.

Envision yourself at your goal with a big smile on your face. See what you will do to celebrate such a moment. Now as time goes on and you move further along this path, you will see some things take shape. As you hit landmarks or have moments of reflection, be sure to re-visualize all along the way. What new information do you have that will make attaining your goal easier or more likely?

Now that you know more about what this journey will take, adjust your vision. Write it down. Talk about it. Continue to see it take shape in your mind. Begin to make small changes (and eventually big changes) in your life as if the end goal is guaranteed. Because if you believe, it is.