What do you want to become?

We live in an amazing time. A time where we have access to more knowledge than any other people have ever had on this planet. In the past, you would have had to make an impossible journey to the Amazonian jungle or Himalayas of the Far East, just to have a chance to learn what is now readily available, if you know where to look and what you are looking for. Humanity is now able to take the best of all the spiritual practices and use them to better ourselves and raise our collective consciousness. 

Mixed Spiritual Arts Training 

I offer a collection of the best of all of the spiritual teachings I've learned, blended together seamlessly and customized for each unique individual no matter where you are on your path. 




Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to mankind dating back nearly 100,000 years. We all have ancestors that practiced shamanism and it is our birthright as humans to have access those same invisible realms of knowledge and healing they did. I can introduce you to that world. Guide you and familiarize you with it. Through percussion, we can induce an altered state of consciousness called "journeying". Once you begin to journey you can meet spirit guides, power animals and ancestral spirits that can help you heal old wounds and answer life's questions. This is an invaluable practice that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.    



Mental imagery is the universal and primary language of all humankind. Before learning to speak, your mind perceived, comprehended and stored images. Through a series of short exercises using the power of imagination, we can find roots of problems, relieve pain and accelerate healing for any circumstance in your life.  


holistic Counseling

"Problems can force you on a journey you would have never chosen, but that can lead you to tremendous growth." - Dr. Peter Reznik

Through pain comes transformation. Through unconditional love, you can heal yourself. Together we can find a connection to your higher self and the world of spirit that can bring health, balance and spiritual awarness to your life. 


          Morphology           (FAce Reading)

"The face is the physical expression of the soul." - MindUpLiftment

The inner and the outer are mirror images of one another. This is a universal principle of life understood by spiritual traditions for millennia and now confirmed by modern science. 4000 years ago the Egyptians wrote "That which is above is like that which is below." Contemporary quantum physicist David Bohm wrote, "the quantum (the smallest particle-wave we know of) and the entire universe are mirror images of one another."

Morphology teaches you that our inner characteristics are mirrored in the outer physical body. It is a science about the meaning of human form. By learning morphology, you can substantially improve your understanding of yourself and others, thereby improving your social, familial and romantic relationships. Therapists can better understand and help their patients, and parents can immediately become attuned to the needs and rhythms of their children.


Visioning For Business

Expand your mind and possibilities. Develop new strategies and transform your company.

The rapid changes in technology today create deep societal and habitual changes. Yesterday's business experience and knowledge can become obsolete and dangerous to the existence of one's company. You need to learn new tools for quick out-of-the-box, agile thinking.

Applying the tools of ancient indigenous shamanic practice will provide you with the opportunity to gain perspective on how to:

- Reveal the corporate dream and mission, and align management around it.
- Create a healthy internal working environment and resolve personal conflicts.
- Recognize individual manager's unique "power" to encourage individuals within the company to prosper and contribute to the most of his or her ability.
- Understand employees' strengths and limitations.
- Increase productivity in the workplace.
- Develop leadership, and problem solving.
- Promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
- Learn to communicate more effectively with diverse groups of people
- Learn to separate between reality and fantasy.
- Develop intuitive awareness for opportunities and forecast events


Through the years I have always been drawn to meditation but I was never able to get a consistent practice going. That changed when I was able to learn a few masterful disciplines and simplify them. First I discovered Transcendental Meditation, known for it's ease to learn. From there I found Yogananda and the SRF methods, known for their deep connection to spirit. More recently I studied with Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation. Through a 21 minute a day practice I have been able to achieve amazing advancement in my spiritual process. Using the best of these time tested techniques, I can help you achieve the same.